A new website for Equilibra


A new website for Equilibra

Equilibra just launched its new website. It's one of the first websites I created using the Remix with Sanity stack. I love developing with Remix, mainly because the development flow is smooth.

Equilibra screenshot

You can see the website at https://www.equilibra-deerlijk.be.

The website runs fast, with lighthouse scores above 90. Remix powers the website behind the hood, and the CMS is Sanity.

equilibra lighthouse scores

One of the challenges for Equilibra was the fact they have numerous different treatments and prices. So it was essential to maintain the overview and clearly show the costs to those looking for them. So we talked things through, and it was clear that there are different kinds of treatments, so we grouped them.

The inspiration for pricing came from how many software products show their pricing because they usually have a way of showing prices that is easy to compare different tiers of pricing. These factors are important for Equilibra as well.

Equilibra pricing

I'm happy with how the website turned out, and most importantly, the customer is too.

Do you like how this website turned out? Or do you want to talk about it?

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